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Gerard Falzon
Gerard Falzon 5.0
Jo Knott
Jo Knott 4.0
John Miller
John Miller 5.0
William Pinkerton
William Pinkerton 5.0
Bridget Ripa
Bridget Ripa 5.0
Avery McCoy
Avery McCoy 5.0

5th time my 8 thousand dollar AC has gone down in 2 months. I can't even run the AC when I'm on vacation because I don't trust it not to flood the house. Leaking hot water core, leaking water pump, kinked drain line, bad breaker, the list goes on ...and on. Right now my drain line is a kinked up mess and there is water in the secondary catch pan again.Read More...

P Teetor
P Teetor 5.0
Gene Hilton
Gene Hilton 5.0

warm 'n cozy

Nancy Speagle
Nancy Speagle 5.0
Hope Miles
Hope Miles 5.0
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