Testimonials & Reviews

Alisa Duckett
Alisa Duckett 5.0
kamika chandler
kamika chandler 5.0
Andrew Reeves
Andrew Reeves 5.0
Leslie Holland
Leslie Holland 5.0
Cody Myers
Cody Myers 5.0

Happy Home was able to install my new AC within 24 hours of my initial call. I am very impressed with their turn around and how they could fit me into their schedule so that I could have AC for my parents visit.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith 5.0
Patrice Reams
Patrice Reams 5.0
Carol Kearney
Carol Kearney 5.0
Melody Song CPA
Melody Song CPA 5.0
Sheryl Fishman
Sheryl Fishman 5.0
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