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Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5.0

Had them come out to check out a water heater after purchasing a house. Trevor was very nice and answered all my questions. He also provides additional tips and information that I haven’t thought about yet.

shawnna Warren
shawnna Warren 5.0

Juan was very professional. He did an awesome job installing our tankless hot water heater! He cares about his customer and he provided excellent customer service . I will recommend Happy Home

Meg Mal
Meg Mal 1.0

I would like to start by saying I never leave negative reviews. I studied marketing and after learning the impacts on local service businesses, I am a big believer in addressing businesses directly with concerns. Unfortunately, I don't think this can be ...resolved directly. Last month I flew in to help my sister and brother-in-law take care of my 2 year old niece during an emergency, ongoing medical crisis. Between the stress of the medical crisis and their infant twins, they were obviously overwhelmed. Having moved into the house the year before and knowing the HVAC was nearing the end of the life expectancy, I thought it would be wise to have it serviced before the summer heat to avoid losing AC. After some research, I saw that Happy Homes had 4.8 stars and 1,200+ reviews and I was super encouraged. I had already called around to a few other local places, but they all had crazy long wait periods. Happy Home was able to fit them in in about a month. I went ahead and set up the maintenance appointment and the account with their information. The customer service representative was not super friendly, but I thought it was fine if they seemed to offer reliable service. The first issue began the day before the appointment. I received a call (despite asking not to have my number included on the account) asking me if the appointment can be pushed to make room for their "priority calls". I understand that with a heat wave this may be expected, but considering the circumstances, I asked that they honor the date promised and again asked that they update the phone number. They said that they would keep the appointment, but could not guarantee when or if they could come. They made it seem like the only way to guarantee a time would be to upgrade to the yearly VIP service. They also promised to update the phone number. I live on the west coast and with the time difference, I was not the best point of contact. Second issue arose the day of the appointment. I woke up to a number of missed calls from the company, as they had neglected to update the phone number and were trying to make contact early morning. They arrived and within 20 mins told my sister that there was a freon leak and the machine was missing 2 to 3 lbs of freon. They immediately called over a manager who confirmed the technician's assessment and proceeded to give them a massive quote and encouraged them to just replace the system. I was confused by the visit of a second employee after being told that there was a shortage of workers for the day. However, no red flags were raised about the need for a new system, as it was expected in the next couple years because of the age. They thought about just approving it on the spot, but decided to get a second opinion. This leads to the final issue. When they called over new technicians they went to check the machine and found no issues. Furthermore, they said if the diagnosis was accurate the machine would not be functional. They then asked if the company involved had been Happy Home. When confirmed, they let them know that they have been getting an increased amount of calls with similar MOs, all originating from Happy Home. They even went as far as to ask to compare the pictures to confirm it was even the same system. I am incredibly discouraged that a company I believed to be reputable would try to orchestrate such a scam. As everyone continues to be hit hard by inflation, I would hope that service based companies would lead with honesty and integrity as we rely on their specialized expertise. I am disappointed in the experience, but more so in the blatant lack of ethics. My hope with this review is not to ruin a local business, but more of a public plea to the owner to evaluate the culture you are protecting. Your responses on Yelp to the slew of negative reviews shows a lack of accountability or introspection. In the meantime, I hope that this review adds some perspective in a sea of 5 star reviews.Read More...

Donna Newberne
Donna Newberne 5.0
Crosby Renwick
Crosby Renwick 5.0

Very quick, on time, responsive and helpful

Apolonia Hiles
Apolonia Hiles 5.0

Very pleased with the service

Tonya Pratt
Tonya Pratt 5.0

Great service & great staff! Wayne C. was awesome! He was prompt, and he took his time while servicing our HVAC system, making sure everything was working properly. He was also very personable and friendly while remaining professional. I definitely ...welcome & recommend Happy Home!!Read More...

Ellen Dixon-Tulloch
Ellen Dixon-Tulloch 4.0

Jonathan was friendly and knowledgeable, pleasant to work with.

David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin 5.0
John Holt
John Holt 5.0

Excellent service and a very good tech…. Courteous and a good ambassador for the company.

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