Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

It’s annoying when you go to turn on the AC in summer only
to have warm air start blowing out of the vents. If your air doesn’t cool
within a minute, you may have a problem with the air conditioner. There are
many potential causes of the AC blowing warm air, some of which require the
services of an AC maintenance and repair technician.

Small Problems, Easy Fixes

You may want to start by investigating the issue yourself to
see if there is an easy fix for the AC. First, check that you have set the
thermostat properly
. Make sure it is switched over to the ‘Cool’ or ‘AC’
settings, and check what the temperature is set at on the display. If you have
an older thermostat it will have a sliding tab or dial that you’ll turn to set
to the desired temperature.

If the thermostat is fine, give the air conditioner a brief
inspection. Go outside and check the condenser unit for debris like:

  • Tree leaves
  • Tree seeds and pollen
  • Bushes and plants
  • Outdoor equipment

These materials can block the flow of air into the unit and
prevent it from working as effectively. It can even become overheated and shut
down. Remove this debris to see if the AC works better.

You may also want to replace the air filter, which is
usually found near the air handling unit in the home’s utility room. A clogged filter acts in a similar way to a blocked condenser preventing air from moving
freely through the system.

Problems Needing AC Repair

Some issues that cause the air conditioner to blow warm air
will need an expert hand to fix. Consider having a Happy Home Heating &
Cooling professionals provide an inspection to check for the following issues:

Refrigerant Leaks: Warm air is cooled by pulling it
over condenser coils containing a refrigerant. If the coils are cracked or leaky,
they may not have enough refrigerant for this task.

Poorly Sealed Air Ducts: An older HVAC system may
have leaky air ducts which allow outside air to be pulled into the system, thus
diluting the cold air and warming it up.

When you need professional AC repair services, our
contractor can provide a free quote for the work. If you are happy with that
cost estimate they can get started fixing your air conditioner right away.
Should you need an AC replacement, we carry a line of quality units from
brands, like Bryant, Lennox, and Rheem. Our technicians are also able to
install these air conditioners for you during another appointment.

To get started with an air conditioner repair or an
inspection, give us a call or fill out our online form. A friendly
representative will help arrange your consultation right away.

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