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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner

If you are concerned about the performance of
your air conditioning, there are a few signs to look for that may indicate that
you’re in need of an A/C
replacement. Your A/C system can have faults in many different places,
but the following signs we’re taking a look at in this article typically originate
from the unit itself.

If you are experiencing any performance issues with your A/C, it is always best
to get an A/C repair professional like Happy Home Heating & Cooling out to look at your system.
A professional A/C company
will be able to diagnose the problem and pinpoint the exact issue to save you
time and money. In any case, it’s a good idea to know what to look out for and
when it’s time to call a professional—so take a look at these signs that it is time
to replace central air
conditioner units in your home.

Signs Of Aging

One of the easiest ways to check your A/C
system is to look for any signs of aging. This can be in the form of rust,
wear, or tear on the A/C unit itself. You may be able to tell just by looking
at the unit that it is old and is in need of upgrading.

Limited Air Flow

If you have started to notice a slowdown of
airflow from your A/C registers and you have ruled out a clogged air filter,
the unit itself could be underperforming. This is a common problem when your
A/C is on its last leg and this symptom can last a little or a long time.

Moisture Build Up

For those who are noticing moisture buildup in
or around the A/C unit, this is a telltale sign that you need to have it
inspected. Not only can moisture wreak havoc on an A/C system, but it is also
usually the sign of something greater that is going wrong.

Unusual Noises

If you have noticed unusual noises coming from
your A/C system, it goes without saying that something is probably wrong.
Depending on the noise, the problem may be small or large, but small problems
can turn into larger problems if neglected so it is always recommended to have
any unusual noise checked out by a professional.

High Energy Bills

Last but not least, if you are noticing a
large increase in your energy bill, your A/C system is usually to blame. The
A/C system is the largest consumer of electricity and when it is forced to work
harder, it shows on your electric bill. Make sure to keep tabs on what a normal
bill looks like so you can spot any irregularities in your billing.

Superb A/C Services In Durham, NC

If you are experiencing any of the above
issues, it may be time to call on Happy Home Heating & Cooling to have your
A/C system looked at. With over 50 years of air conditioning system experience,
the fully licensed staff at our top-rated A/C company can help you figure out exactly what
the problem is.

For more information about our services
including A/C maintenance,
repairs, and replacements give our team a call today to speak with a
representative over the phone. Or, to get a free, in-home pricing quote on your
A/C replacement, fill out the online form.

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